The Ark

For the last six years, I’ve done nothing but complain about our living situation.  As I told you in My Testimony, we live with my mother-in-law.  I complained and I complained.  I haven’t complained as much in the more recent months but it was still a nagging thought in my mind.  I wanted out for the obvious reason(s).  It’s not my house.

Earlier this week, after speaking with some of his buddies, my husband said, “It’s rough out there”.  He was referencing the state of financial struggle that is effecting more and more American people each day.  I responded, “Really?” I assumed folk might have changed up where the shop for groceries, eat at home more, or rent movies instead of going to them but I didn’t know folks were struggling struggling.  Why you ask?  Well, frankly, because my husband and I have struggled for so long, I thought that everyone else was always better off (financially) than we were.  It was so bad for us at one point that Brian’s mom had to buy my Aunt Flo supplies because we had no money.  This was before Jazmine but we still had child support, car notes, care insurance etc.  Once everyone else was paid, we did good to have a few dollars in the bank to keep a positive balance.  Talk about stressful!

I woud hear people talk about how they went out to eat, and I would see people purchasing things for themselves when I walked the mall looking forward for the day when I could do that again.  I didn’t realized it had gotten so bad for everyone else.

As I mentioned in My Testimony, we are MUCH better financially now but we still live with Brian’s mom.  (I don’t say MUCH to brag.  Not at all.  All that we have and all we don’t have is a testimony to God and his goodness and his faithfulness).  It is still hard to live under a roof where you are not the Queen Bee of he whole establishment.  However, once Brian said what he said, I realized how much God has kept us safe in this ark.  His Mom’s house is our ark.  God kept Noah, and his family, in that Ark for over 150 days and nights with all the stinky animals (Gen. 6-8).  It wasn’t pleasant even though it was safe. I will never complain about my ark again.


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