They Love My Food!

When we first got married, I remember telling my husband that I wanted our children (both bonus children and in-house children) to enjoy eating at home.  I wanted them to prefer to eat at home than to eat out.  I didn’t want McDonald’s loving children or fast food babies.  I wanted going out to eat to be the exception and not the norm (not because of lack of money but because of preference).  That is how I grew up and I wanted to pass that on.  When I was growing up, we went to restaurants with menus. The only exception was pizza night which was usually Friday night when we went to Three Brothers.  I also want my children to experience food from different cultures.  I don’t expect them to like everything they try but I want them to be used to trying different things.

I have been cooking on a regular basis for several months now.  (For some history on that read the Julie & Julia post).  My sons spent a week with us recently and spent some time with my parents one evening.  My parents took them out to dinner.  My mother later told me that the boys raved about my cooking!  She said they said that they love my food, that I cook every night, dinner is served at 6PM, and they can’t have any snacks after 9PM.  Talk about a proud bonus mom!  I was beaming with pride.  I was so happy to see that they know the dinner schedule.

I was overjoyed!  I put love in my food when I cook it.  It is always good to hear that your food is loved in return.

They don’t always like what I make.  As a matter of fact, I was really surprised to hear that they said that because my most recent dinners were not favorites of theirs.  They liked the tater tots and the Lipton pasta side dish I served with the main course that I made but they didn’t like the main course itself.  Because I didn’t think they liked my cooking for the first half of the week, I bought a frozen entrée thinking they might like that better.  They didn’t and neither did anybody else including myself.  I guess it’s not the food itself that they appreciate most.  Maybe it’s the comfort in knowing that I cook dinner for them at a set time.  I don’t know.

Living in one home while spending a good amount of time in another home can be rough on a child.  The child is used to their home schedule and has to adjust to their non-custodial parents home fairly quickly.  Even though the child(ren) have been coming over for almost 8 years, they still have to remember the rules of the house each visit.  It’s not easy for them.  That is why I was so excited to hear that not only did they adjust well, but they appreciated the schedule and actually enjoy that I cook for them..



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