Updates & Feedback

In two previous posts, I said I would write an update as things progressed.  Well, here it is.

In my Awesomeness post, I wrote about how my prayer life sucks.  Thankfully, it has gotten much better.  I had to pray about praying.  It is amazing how long the distance is from where you are to getting on your knees.  I have been getting up to pray pretty regularly for the past two weeks.  As soon as my eyes pop open, as long as it’s after 6AM, I get up and go to my designated prayer spot and pray.  It has gotten easier to do with each passing day.  My day feels better after I spend time with the Master.  It is so comforting and I feel like I am really building my relationship with Christ this way.  It feels like when you first get to know someone and you go to lunch or meet up with them on a regular basis.  You get to know that person better with each communication.  That is what it feels like when I meet God in prayer.  I now look forward to it instead of dreading it because it is so early.

In my Communication post, I mentioned a problem I saw with one of my bonus children thinking that they could not come to us with their feelings.  I had a chance to address this a few weeks ago.  Honestly, I feel like I forced the conversation.  I was so anxious to ask if my child thought that they could not come to us that I didn’t try to test the conversational waters with test questions before diving into my main concern.  My child said that they did not feel like they couldn’t come to us with their feelings.  I asked if their were any feelings that they were nervous about sharing with us and they said no.  (What a relief!)  It turns out that my probative questions turned into a dialog between us and they told me that they don’t share their feelings very easily with anyone.  I had mixed feelings about that.  One one hand, I was relived that they treat both households the same and that we were not singled out as the ones they could not express their feelings to.  On the other hand, I now see we have to help my child learn to express their feelings and not keep them bottled up inside.

On another note, to anyone who is reading this, would you mind leaving a comment about how my writing is?  I want to make sure that I am writing clearly and concisely.  As I am sure you have clearly seen, I don’t remember all the rules of grammar and I am sure I have butchered the rules on punctuation.  Does that bother you?  Please let me know.  Brian has an MLA handbook that I can refer to if need be.  My writing style will still be the same.  It will be what the Lord leads me to write or what He allows me to write about myself but I can fix any grammatical issues that you see.  Thank you for your input!


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