Over the past week, I have received some positive comments about the blog.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!  I believe I responded to each person individually.  I know who some of you are because we are FB friends and some I don’t know.  To those whom I don’t know, how you found me in this great internet blue yonder is nothing but the Lord.  Praise His Name!  If you read A Saul Moment a few post ago, I mention that that is exactly how I wanted God to make this blog known.  Well, it didn’t happen as I originally scripted, but it seems to be happening now.  Praise God!  (Time out here for a shouting praise party).

I had some growing to do.  I had to grow though the Saul Moment.  Now, still making sure I am led by the Lord, I am considering telling more people about this blog.  My husband started a blog.  (There is a growth story behind that as well but I will leave that for Him to share one day.)  Previously, he wrote short, daily, morning devotionals entitled Morning Glory and emailed them to, what I considered, a massive  distribution list that just kept getting longer because people would forward MG to others.  I believe he has emailed those on his distribution list the address of his blog.  I have a link to my husband’s blog on my page under links.  I told him I was going to do that.  I think he is going to link mine to his.  That would mean there is a good possibility that everyone who read his Morning Glory would also read my blog.

It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  Exciting because having a readership of folks, the majority of which I don’t know or at least know personally, would really be happening.  Scary because I don’t ever want it to go to my head.  It’s about Jesus.  He is just allowing me to take part in His plan.  I am honored and want to walk and continue to walk in humility.

I also don’t want to live in fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Not doing something because I can’t see the exact outcome or I don’t like the outcome I think could happen is paralyzing.  That being said, I am considering emailing all of the women on my email contacts announcing (so to speak) that I have a blog.  I don’t want to do it so I am really waiting on the Lord about that one.  On one hand, I want to remain transparent and not give the appearance that I am holding something back.  On the other hand, how do you compose that email?  What do I write?  “Hey girls!  I have a blog!  Go check it out!”  That just sounds so corny but we shall see.

PS.  If you link to this blog through FB but are unable to leave a comment on the blog itself, try opening a new page and going to You should be able to click on “leave a comment” and do so there.



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