Awesomeness.  If it is not a word, then it is now.

God is awesome!  Sometimes you have to move in order to see all of His awesomeness.  What do I mean by move?  Change.  That is how you move.

My prayer life sucks.  Having a regular prayer time with the Lord has never come easy for me.  I’ve set up schedules and tried different ways to begin having a prayer life but nothing has stuck.  I was thinking about this problem area yesterday and trying, yet again, to think of a way I could get it going.

Within the last month, I started having my quite time, when I just read God’s Word, during Jazmine’s nap time.  I used to read before I went to bed after I put Jazmine down for the night.  I was getting too tired to finish my reading and when I did finish, I would read it just so I could check it off my to-do list.  I wasn’t absorbing His word.  I was just reading as a task.  Once I started reading during her nap time, my quite time has returned to being something that I look forward.

With that recent change in mind, I started looking for ways to put prayer in my life and make it a priority.  Yesterday, I realized that praying first thing in the morning would be best.  Stealing away with God in prayer before the baby wakes up or I get the itch to check Facebook, is a great way to start the day but it doesn’t come without challenges.  First, waking up to pray.  Typically I wake up around 6AM or so because nature calls but I have worked very hard to train myself to handle nature and then go back to sleep without skipping a beat.  Now, I have to tell myself to stay awake, tip toe out of the room so not to wake up Jazmine, and get downstairs to pray.  This morning, I tried to pray in the bed.  After I caught myself saying “Dear Lord, thank you for this day” for the fourth time, I had to accept that praying in the bed is not cutting it.

I went downstairs to pray.  I was so sleepy that even sitting upright in a chair, I was still stumbling over phrases and apologizing to the Lord over and over for not being able to get it together.  I finally said “Jesus, it’s a good thing you know my heart and that I know my motives are right before you because my execution is mess”.  But, I was there, in a designated spot to talk to God and listen for Him.  It wasn’t pretty, but I showed up. Hallelujah!  Now, prayerfully, I can do it again tomorrow.


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