Keep your big girl panties on!

I used the phrase “keep your big girl panties on” in a previous post.  I love that phrase.  I think it is a very good metaphor about being mature.  However, I find myself taking off my “big girl panties” (acting immature) and streaking around the house like a toddler (going on an emotional rampage).  So, because I have recognized that in myself, I have come up with a new phrase.  Keep your big girl panties on.

Keeping your big girl panties on means that when you want to act immature (stop praying, stop reading, let people have it and say all that has been on your mind) that is when we are to still more closely to Him cling.  My mother told me recently that when you have been praying and asking God for direction and you haven’t heard anything yet, you continue to pray and seek Gods face.  You cling to God all the more.  That is how you keep your big girl panties on!


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