I know what not to do.

Have you ever had a case of the Ickies?  Some refer to this as feeling blah, out of sorts, gloomy, or my least favorite term, having the blues. Regardless of your name for it, the feeling is the same.  The Ickies usually appear after a series of unwanted events.  These events happen during a relatively short period of time in rapid succession.  The frequency of events does not allow for you to recover sufficiently before the next event happens.  Job 1: 13-22 is an extreme example of this.  However, for what we women commonly experience, the events are not that severe in nature but the timing of said events are exasperating just the same.  Also, the events that lead up to said Ickies usually began on the heels of a pleasant experience.

My most recent case of the Ickies was brought on by the following:

Pleasant experience – Executed my personal housework schedule with ease for several weeks.  (Yea me!)

Event #1 – Husband’s grandmother passed.  Effect – My personal schedule was disrupted not to mention the obvious.

Event #2 – Being told that Jazmine had to have a certain vaccination that my husband and I did not want her to get.  Effect – Loss of personal choice.

Event #3 – Flying to funeral together with our 1 year old.  Effect – Flying with a baby.  Need I say more?

Event #4 – Stayed with relatives for five days.  Effect – Moments of uneasiness/missed our privacy.  To put it plainly, I wore a bra for five days straight with the only break being when I showered.  I am surprised I wasn’t driven mad.

Event #5 – My oldest son came for a week.  Effect – I wasn’t finished unpacking (physically and emotionally) but had to plan the week out with an almost 8 year old boy in mind.  All bonus moms understand that going from your day-to-day household size to include one more requires more mental and physical work.  You can’t just act off of routine because your normal routine changes when your family size increases.

Event #6 – My Father’s 65th birthday.  Effect – Having to face the the reality that my father is not going to live forever; that Jesus may not come back before he dies.

Event #7 – Jazmine’s second round of her 12 month shots.  Effect – Mommy anxiety.

Event #8 – Jazmine awoke with a high fever and had a virus for 24 hours.  Effect – Not knowing what nor where the sickness came from during the first 24 hours.

Event #9 Missed my husband’s sermon.   Effect – Felt like a bad wife for not being there to support my husband even though I was home caring for our daughter.

Event #10 – Jazmine is congested.  Effect – Mommy anxiety.  I am doing what the doctor’s told me to do but it’s not working!  If it is, it’s not working fast enough.  I want complete and immediate healing! (smile)

Event #11- Received word that my dance class, that I have attended for the past four months and that I have looked forward to attending for more than three years, might be cancelled.  Effect – Hopelessness.


Well, then, the question now becomes, what do you do when you have a case of the Ickies?  I know what not to do.  I know I am not to over eat (Prov. 23:20).  I am not to spend money I don’t have on something I want but can’t afford,  that I don’t need, or something impractical (Luke 15:12-13).  I am not to curse (James 5:12).  I am not to verbally abuse others (Col. 4:6).  I am not to refuse my husband (1 Cor. 7:3).  I am not to quit on my household responsibilities (Prov. 31:27).  I am not to gossip (Provb. 20:19).  I am not to allow the Ickies to get me into a funk (“What are you doing here, Elijah?”1 Kings 19:9).  (Definition: Funk – a permanent state of the Ickies.

So what is left?  What are we allowed to do because from the list above, all the fun things that we normally do is sin.  In Christ, there is only one healthy option and that is to read His Word.  But really.  Who wants to do anything when you have a case of the Ickies?  Even all the things we know we ought not to do require a serious mental push just to do them because we are battling against the Holy Spirit to sin!  So what do we do instead?  All other options that seem healthy like, clean your house, call that sister you’ve been meaning to reach out to, or something of major importance on your To Do list.  Those things are not bad in and of themselves.  In fact, they are not bad at all.  Your motives for doing those things are incorrect.  Why?  Because we are running away from the Lord.  By doing all those good things, we have decided not to spend one-on-one personal time with the Master.   We have decided to serve Him on our terms rather than by His terms which here would be running to Him and wrapping ourselves in His Word.

As simple as this act of service is, it is one of the hardest things to do because it requires you to spend more of what you feel has been taken away from you.  Time.  You haven’t had time to recover between those unwanted life events before the next one hit and now, you are telling me that the only way to cure the Ickies is to volunteer my time to read the Bible?   Yup.  That is exactly what I am saying.  If we get into the habit of running to the Word when each life event occurs, then, even if we still get a case of the Ickies, it won’t develop into a funk.


2 thoughts on “I know what not to do.

  1. Bethanie

    I know what you mean. I have had 2 events take place within a matter of a few hours. I had not fully recovered from the first one when the second one took place. I have had a headache for most of the day. It was a combination of food and stress. After taking 2 exedrin the headache left. Now, I feel it threatning to come back because of anxiety. I don’t want to eat, don’t want to by anything, but I am just not feeling myself. I guess I will take your advice and spend time with God.

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